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August 2018

    bea Skin Care unveils new products

    My Top Skincare Picks: August 2018

    August 22, 2018

    Hello my lovelies, I hope you’ve all enjoyed the last of the heatwave. It seems we’ve now been plunged into Autumn almost over night so I’m going to show you what products I’ve been using to save my skin  as we venture into the colder weeks. AMPLIFY PH EQUALIZER – NORVELL TANNING   As the heatwave is no more and my natural tan is wearing off I’ve been trying to keep up with a bit of help from a bottle.…

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  • Flawless Lashes 4-18b4773g green

    My New Favourite Eyeliner!

    Hi everyone – hope you’re all having a fab week? I wanted to jump on here and tell you all about a product I have absolutely been loving recently – the Flawless Eyeliner from…

    August 14, 2018