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Hello July…

July 12, 2017

Hey all.

It’s been a hectic few weeks. Lots of travelling up and down to Scotland. Can’t complain as it is my home town and a welcome break from London town.

So a quick catch up…..


I have been writing my book, which is almost there but, blimey, much harder than I thought it would be but a wonderful learning experience.

Other than that..



Barclaycard Summer time in Hyde Park

Wow, wow and triple wow. I was lucky enough to impress my teenager to get tickets to see The Killers at the weekend. It was a beautiful sunny day and we spent all day in Hyde Park. It was my daughters first big gig and what a gig it was. We ate chips, obviously, drank buckets loads of water as it was so incredibly hot (not ideal when 65000 people needed the loo as well as us!)

We watched ‘The Strypes’, ‘The Mystery Jets’, ‘Tears for Fears’ and waited for ‘The Killers’. I loved ‘Tears for Fears’. Reminded me of being a stroppy teenager, studying in my bedroom. I knew all of the words. Not sure if that was embarrassing for my daughter or not. She was polite enough not to say anything.

When it was ‘The Killers’ o’clock, they definitely made an entrance. Pink confetti was fired all over the crowd, the band walked on and we waited for the showman that is Brandon Flowers. He didn’t disappoint. Bright pink jacket, a strut that Zoolander would have spent his career trying to perfect.

Opening song.. ‘The Man’ but of course. Taken from the new album, ‘Wonderful Wonderful’. And he is The Man.

The entire gig was non stop adrenalin and one amazing track after another.

I loved every second and so did my daughter. I felt like an aging groupie!

the killers




Took a wee visit to Thorpe Park. I really am reliving my childhood.

I am a rollercoaster girl. Always have been.

So, I started with Saw. The first horror movie rollercoaster. As you start the ride, you are in Jigsaws Warehouse (you’ll know if you have seen the film), swinging axes, a dead body, Billy the puppet on his bike. This is the calm before the storm. We slowly ascend until a brief stop at the top of the ride. You know the drill. and then, Boom, a drop of 100 degrees from a height of 100 feet. At the end of the drop, spinning saws hover around you. Blooming brilliant!



Then on to Stealth

0-80mph to 205feet in under 2 seconds. One of Europes fastest rollercoasters.

Enough said.


Other rides I experienced were, Nemisis Inferno, The Swarm, Colossus, Super Soak Splash, but the one I was really there for was –



It was so worth the wait. 3D, zombies, but as we left, we were told to TELL NO ONE. So you will have to go and try it for yourself. I will most probably be there when you go! It is that good.

darren brown




After all that excitement it is all about pampering.



hello sunshine

I was sent the most amazing massage/soothing/moisturising oil from Magic Organic Apothecary. I smell like I have just walked out of a spa. I pop it on in the evening once I get home. It’s perfect after you have been in the sun.



agent provocateur

I got one of my favourite perfumes given to me this week. Agent Provocateur Eau de Parfum. Saffron oil, Jasmin, coriander, vetiver. Gorgeous.




Bare minerals products have been amazing for my skin. My latest favourite is BRILLIANT FUTURE. It’s an age defense Renew Serum. I have such sensitive skin, but this just works so well for me and my skin is feeling glowing.



and still loving it.


Stay safe one and all and I’ll chat soon.


much love





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