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Clean Heels, Longflint Cocktails and The Big Bottle Co

July 19, 2017

Hey again all,

As I mentioned last time it’s been a hectic few weeks and I’ve had lots going on, however there are a few products that have stood out to me and I really hope you’ll all love them as much as I do…

Clean Heels Heel Stoppers

As women, we all know just how difficult (and sometimes quite embarrassing) it can be to stumble and struggle across grass or uneven surfaces in high heels. As if it isn’t difficult enough to walk in heels, uneven surfaces really don’t make it any easier. Since discovering Clean Heels Heel Stoppers however, things have been very different! They fit easily on the bottom of your heels, preventing sinking into grass or falling into cracks. While also protecting heels from scuffing wooden flooring.

Clean Heels

Not only protecting your shoes, but also keeping you stable on difficult to walk on surfaces!

The flexible tube is also perfect for protecting heels from any splashing dirt or wet weather. Keeping your heels looking beautiful and fresh for much longer.


You can buy them at, and they only cost £4.99!!

The Big Bottle Co

If there’s one thing that I think we’re all guilty of, it’s not drinking enough water. After getting The Big Bottle, I’ve finally been drinking the amount of water that I need to, and my skin can’t thank me enough! As someone who loves working out and doing yoga, it’s perfect to make sure that I’m staying hydrated all through the day.

As  if this wasn’t reason enough for me to love the product, The Big Bottle is designed to help you meet your daily hydration needs, while also promoting the use of reusable bottles. Finding a product that not only benefits myself, but also the environment, definitely makes it worth the investment.

The bottles come in twelve different colours, so there’s definitely something for everyone… So what’s your excuse for not getting one?!

16.11.06_Purple-with-Rose-Gold-Cap-395x395 The Big Bottle’s cost around £15 each and I guarantee that they’re worth it!

LongFlint Cocktails

Ok, last but not least, Longflint Cocktails. With each drink being made in London and as a collaboration with a small batch spirits provider, it really is a drink like nothing I’ve tried before. The cocktails are made from natural ingredients and are refreshingly different.

The cocktails are made with a spirit called Mezcal. This being known as the wonderfully smoky step – sister of Tequila. If you’re someone like me, who finds the idea of drinking spirits straight incredibly unenjoyable, then this could be the answer to your prayers!

So far I’ve been lucky enough to try the Grapefruit, Sour Cherry and Mezcal Paloma along with the Rhubarb and Vodka Seltzer and they were (no exaggeration) AMAZING! If you haven’t already gone out and tried any of these drinks, I definitely recommend that you do. Longflint suggest that they’re served in a champagne flute just like a Bucks Fizz, making it a brilliantly different brunch cocktail!

longflint cocktails

Each cocktail contains around 5% of alcohol, and is priced at only £3.50!!


Thanks for reading, speak soon!
Gail xx

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