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July 26, 2017

Hi again all,

So, one of my editorial team has been winging about her hair for AGES. With tape in extensions, some grey at the roots, and a bit of home DIY… her hair was definitely in need of a little love and attention. So we decided that it was time she did something about it. We decided to put SO-me beauty and wellness salon, located in Clapham Junction, to the test.

The particular stylist that helped my friend out was called Viava, and my friend couldn’t have spoken highly of her if she tried! She went in and had the roots covered, some highlights put in and then a toner applied. After just two hours, the results were none other than STUNNING!

Drinks were offered on arrival, and the inside of the salon was incredibly nice also. Not only this, but the staff were friendly and the products were of the highest standard, and of the most hair friendly quality. The particular products that they used were Keune Products. The colour was superbly conditioning while providing a silky soft shine, being incredibly durable due to UV Protector, and leaving no staining on the scalp.

The products are based on a coconut derived cream that protects the scalp from staining, while providing a creamy, pearlescent texture. Meaning that she was able to go out straight away and not have to worry about the embarrassing look of hair dye all over your head!

Going into the salon feeling a bit down about her hair, only two hours later, she left as though she was a completely different person. She left with hair that was shiny, bouncy and absolutely gorgeous. She was so pleased with her lovely service and perfect new hair, she really couldn’t have been any happier!

The salon also offers many other treatments, such as waxing and threading, nails and tanning, and aesthetic treatments such as wrinkle reduction and juvederm filler. They offer Soprano Ice, a pain free, laser hair removal, offering a special offer of  6 treatments for the price of 5! Around 8 types of massages are available, and there are also a range of facials on offer that range from skin brightening to deep cleansing.

so_me picture

The address of the particular Clapham Junction SO-me beauty salon that she went to is –
43 St. Johns Road
SW11 1QW

And the contact number to get yourself booked in is –

You won’t regret it!

Speak soon!
Gail xxxx

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