Alopecia Awareness Month

September 1, 2019

Hey lovelies,

September is Alopecia awareness month which aims to get people talking about Alopecia. The more people get talking, the more Alopecia becomes normalised and creates a positive environment for people to open up about their experiences. Whether it has affected yourself or someone you know, it’s so important to be open about it. Alopecia is so common and affects such a wide range of people, no matter your age or sex. A lot of people who have been affected think that they’re alone – they’re not! According to the NHS, 8 million women in the UK experience Alopecia.

I got Alopecia symptoms in 2005 and within 4 weeks I was completely bald. Everyone has different experiences but for me it was a very fast change in my life. It was something I had to come to terms with quite quickly. Hair feels like such a big part of your identity and losing it does affect your mental health and confidence. For me, I also worried about my daughter’s reaction, who was very young at the time. Seeing a relative or a friend with a different appearance can be quite a difficult thing to come to terms with as you’ve only known them to look a certain way. Luckily, it didn’t even phase my young daughter which came as such a relief.

Everyone deals with things differently, just like everything in life. I tried wearing a wig a couple of times but decided that it just wasn’t for me. Instead, I decided to embrace my new look and accept it as a part of me because that’s what it is. Others may choose to wear wigs, whether it’s everyday or on the odd occasion. Everyone is different and that is ok! This is what raising awareness is all about, to get everyone talking about their different experiences. It helps people to feel like they aren’t alone, to support people in coming to terms with how they are perceived by others and more importantly, encouraging people to accept themselves.

If wigs aren’t for you then that’s ok, they’re just one of the many solutions available. Hair loss treatments are an option for those being affected by Alopecia in their day to day lives. Some people want a quick solution whereas others want a more long-term treatment. If you are wanting a treatment that can cover up any areas of balding then Scalp Provoco offer Scalp Micropigmentation. This involves small tattoos on the scalp to replicate hair follicles. For some, this is a perfect solution. It is tailored to your individual wants and needs. Whether you want a subtle or more dramatic change, through consultations they will find the best option for you. If you want instant results and a more cost-effective solution, then this could be an option worth looking into. The Express have recently written a very informative article talking more about Scalp Provoco so this is a really good place to start if you are wanting more information. you have been affected by Alopecia then just remember that there really are so many solutions and treatments out there, and the numbers are only growing as awareness of Alopecia increases. There will be a solution for you, it’s all about finding the right one that you feel comfortable with.

So as September begins, remember that whether it’s you, someone you know, or a stranger that suffers with Alopecia then don’t forget that you’re not on your own. So, get talking and get spreading awareness!

If you want to learn more about Alopecia from the experts, then Alopecia UK is a great place to answer all your questions.




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