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Bounce your way to health!

November 22, 2017

Hi there my lovelies,

I’m back again with another exciting product to tell you all about! And when I say exciting, I mean exciting, this week I am talking all things Trampoline. I’m sure you’ve seen the large number of bounce parks that have been popping up all over the UK. They’re great fun and help in promoting this fabulous form of exercise. Now obviously, we can’t go to a trampoline park everyday so how do you incorporate this into your exercise regime? By getting yourself your very own mini version of course!

Did you know that the recommended amount of cardio is 30 minutes a day? So getting yourself a mini trampoline is a great way to make those 30 minutes fly by!

BodyMax Mini Trampoline

The technical name for this mini trampoline is called a ‘Trampette.’ It is a lightweight piece of equipment, providing a low impact exercise! The Bodymax 40-inch Trampette is the perfect way to enjoy an aerobic workout which will result in improved coordination, strength and balance.

body max


Here are a few recommended ways to use your trampoline:

The Basic Bounce

The basic bounce is simple, easy and effective. This beginner-level exercise will give you a good core workout as you brace your abdominal muscles to maintain balance. How? Stand in the middle of the trampoline with your feet about hip-width apart, feet planted on the surface of the trampoline, bend your knees slightly and bounce away. 15 minuets of bouncing should do the trick!


It’s time to pick up the pace! After your 15 minute bounce, start slowly jogging! Jogging on a mini trampoline is a good way to increase your heart rate that will burn fat quicker! I recommend placing the Trampette against the wall to maintain your balance!

Jumping Jacks

Now, this is an ultimate burner! Performing jumping jacks on a normal surface is a powerful aerobic exercise, but jumping jacks on a trampoline provides a total-body workout! You’ll definitely be sweating by the end of it my lovelies!

So what are you waiting for? Go and get your Trampette for a new and improved workout! It is available from Powerhouse Fitness  for £27.99.

Bye for now!

Gail xxx


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