Charity Events, Sushi Samba and Bare Minerals!

December 13, 2016

I am writing this from my bed, recovering from a rubbish cold. I blame Southern rail! I use them twice a week and the amount of cancelled, delayed and overcrowded trains are beyond a joke. Anyway, wee rant over. Southern rail, sort it out!


My lovely friend Nicholas Pinnock starred in a wonderful play called ‘The Royale’ at the Tabernacle Theatre in Notting Hill recently and I was lucky enough to get a ticket to see it. The play is based on the true story of Jack Johnson, the first African American champion in the world in the early 20th Century. Nicholas played Jay ‘the sport’ Jackson. The play consists of 5 actors and is set in a boxing ring; no punches are thrown but the actors use incredible ballet like moves to re-enact the fight and training sequences. Fraught with greed, racism and sadness, I would recommend ‘The Royale’ to everyone when it returns to the stage. Next on my list, ‘Trainspotting’ at The Vaults in London Town. Most excited!



I attended a gorgeous lunch at Sushi Samba on the 39th floor of The Heron Tower by Liverpool Street. I had heard of this place but was never lucky enough to be invited along. As I am sure you can guess, being on the 39th floor, the views of London were spectacular. The lift ride up and down was an experience in itself! The lunch was to meet up with TOWIES Jessica Wright as she’s the new brand ambassador for KISS nails and lashes. What a pretty girl. Very glam. The bloggers had a lovely question and answer session with Jess where she shared her beauty tips – goodness knows I need them! My daughter was most excited that mummy brought home a bag of goodies. She has been having girlie nights playing with the nails. I am in love with the lashes, usually I am useless at applying them but Jess has come up with practically idiot proof lashes that means that even I can apply them! After the Q&A session came lunch. I cannot even begin to tell you how delicious it was. I adore sushi so I was in heaven. Great company, great products, great food. What more could a girl want?



My friend, Diane, from Awesome Events, donates one of her amazing venues to the Variety Club every year for them to hold their children’s Christmas party. The venue is an amazing big top that they put up in Bloomsbury for this year’s do. They have lots of venues but the big top there was spectacular and the kids went nuts when they arrived. There were performers, incredible puppeteers, face painting, musicians, games and the most fun alternative pantomime by Simply Smiley Productions. I asked the children what they thought of the whole event. My favourite response was….”I’m speechless”. Oh, and they had the best Santa. I think it could possibly have been the real one! Amazing work and care from all the Variety staff, volunteers and everyone that donated food, drink, time and love. Thank you for having me. Humbled.



Never been to Butlins in my life. Never been to an 80s weekender before. So, I was nervous and excited to be asked by Vintage TV to be a host and DJ at their ‘Electric Dreams’ weekender in Butlins in Bognor Regis. I have hosted a couple of Vintage TV sessions and I have loved working with them, so a weekender with the guys and girls with 80s music… idea of heaven! Butlins is huge! I thought it was wee chalets, Hi De Hi like. It’s so not; lots of hotels, restaurants, entertainment and pretty much everything. I loved it! On the evening that I hosted and DJ’d, Holly Johnson and Blancmange performed. There were thousands of people in attendance. Everyone there for a great time, great music and all my age!!! Amazing atmosphere, great company and I got a selfie with Holly Johnson. See you at the next one Butlins. My new guilty pleasure.



I have been involved with Macmillan for a long time now. They were there for my family when I lost my grandmother and my mother. An amazing charity that provides incredible support and help when you’re struggling to cope. Macmillan held a charity auction at the Sheraton Hotel in Piccadilly. It was a lovely evening with some incredible auction gifts donated, including a Maldives trip amongst so many others. I lost count of how much money was raised, looking forward to finding out soon. Fair to say, it was bonkers amount when I lost count. Rufus Hound hosted, Sophie Ellis Bextor performed as did the gorgeous Sonique, who always makes me laugh and always brings her mum. Love her. I am training for the marathon for Macmillan. Rather nervous to say the least.



Once a year, ICAP give away all their revenues and commissions on one day to selected charities. This year I was working with London Air Ambulance. It is a day of fancy dress, happiness, games, celebrities and we are allowed to trade. I have been doing this for 6 years now and I still have no clue what goes on in the trading world. All I know is that I made a few great deals. Obviously the boys and girls on the floor just tell me what to say. Much fun though! Everyone from Prince Harry to Honey G and Louie Walsh were taking part. Had to get a selfie with Honey G, just as I don’t get it and it made my daughter laugh. The ICAP event, worldwide, made £8.2 million for the charities involved. This means that the London Air Ambulance, can now cover the cost of their response cars for the next 3 years. Fantastic result.




Had a bit of down time and paid a visit to Bare Minerals HQ in Soho for a wee makeover. The fantastic Sarah Jane Froom did my make over. I was lucky enough for her to fit me in as she is constantly travelling the world being an amazing international makeup artist. What a gorgeous lady. I love Bare Minerals and Sarah did a lovely natural look for me. I loved it and it felt so light, it was though I had no makeup on at all.



Had a lovely cocktail with my friend Dino Discenza at Ham Yard in Soho. Didn’t have time for lunch but it looked very nice indeed. Lunch next week has been planned. Well, Christmas is coming! Dino runs a bespoke lifestyle company, CM Howles, for very busy professionals. He loves his job and I love hearing what he gets up to. He is the man to go to if you need anything looked after or arranged. A different life for some folk!  I did get a lovely present of truffles (not the chocolate kind). I’ve never tried them before but I sure can smell them! I will give them a go at some point; never say never.


Some have you may have seen, I posed naked in Closer magazine last week. Covering all my private bits obviously!! It was to promote body confidence. I must admit, I was extremely nervous. I used to be quite happy shedding clothes but I’ve had many years feeling less than confident. My breasts became abnormally large after my pregnancy, my hair fell out I suffered from depression to name a few of my insecurities and problems. Recently I had my breasts reduced and it was one of the best things I have ever done. My confidence soared, I can wear clothes that actually fit, I can exercise comfortably now and I can go running without knocking myself out!

My hair loss is something I have embraced and am used to but I still have days when I feel down about it. But recently, with my new body confidence, I wanted to show all women out there, that no matter what we look like, we are all beautiful in our own ways. Be body confident ladies. You are gorgeous.


Just had to get this in as I was gobsmacked. Swarovski have teamed up with Crème de la Mer to produce a 100ml limited edition moisturiser jar, with individually placed crystals covering it. It is only £1000! I stuck with the free mini samples without crystals.


So, this is my daughter’s new favourite shop. Needless to say, Santa (Ok, I believe) has been spending a lot of time there recently. I’m thinking of applying for a Saturday job.


I attended a lovely charity fundraiser at Archer Street Bar on the 5th Floor of Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge last week which was hosted by the lovely Nick Ede. Fantastic event, amazing stories and raising awareness. Nick tirelessly campaigns and has done so for years; amazing job as always.

Anyhoo, I am off for a lemsip. Living the dream!

Have a great week.

Much love,


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