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Cult Makeup Buys with PAM!

July 25, 2017

Hey again all,

I just thought I’d quickly come and tell you all about some of the must have makeup and beauty buy’s that I’ve recently got from PAM. PAM is a website and store, founded by Kate Benton, a woman who began her career whilst training at the BBC Make-up school where she continued to work for 11 years before going freelance. She founded the professional supply store PAM, offering advice and guidance not just to pro make-up artists, but to the general public like you and me!

The thing that I like about this website is that I know that due to the copious amounts of industry experience that Kate Benton has had, she will only be selling and promoting products that she really feels are the best out there.

Make Up Forever – Eye Prime

The first product that I have to recommend to you all is the Make Up Forever – Eye Prime. It’s a definite must have for keeping your eye make-up in place all day long. Not only does it prolong the wear of the shadow for longer than any other product that I’ve tried, but it makes the colour stand out so much more! A definite win win. Gone are the days where I’d have to touch up my eye make up again throughout the day.

  • The price of this on the PAM website is £21.00

make up forever eye primer

Make Up Forever -Extreme Camouflage Full Cover

The next product that I got from PAM was another one by Make Up Forever! The Extreme Camouflage Cream Full Cover, is perfect for covering flaws such as skin damage and scars and beauty spots. The foundation is waterproof and long-lasting, evening out skin tone and camouflaging imperfections for extended periods of time. For someone like me who is often very busy, it really is an important factor for me that foundation stays on for as long as possible, and for that reason I couldn’t recommend this product enough!

  • The price of this on the PAM website is £21.00 and comes in 9 shades

make up forever full cover foundation

Make Up Forever – Aqua Brow Refill

Last but not least! Another Make Up Forever product, this one being the Aqua Brow Refill. This product is perfect for filling, defining and lengthening brows. It’s made with volatile oil and carnauba wax, and if you’re looking for a natural result with long lasting hold then this is definitely the product for you!

  • The price of this on the PAM website is £16.95 and it comes in 7 shades

make up forever aqua brow

Speak soon!

Gail xxx

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