Go Pink For October

October 18, 2019

Wear Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello everyone,

As I am sure most of you are aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month  and in order to show awareness, I want to see as much pink as possible! This worldwide campaign is so significant in highlighting the importance of breast cancer awareness and it is so great to see lots of amazing people, charities and companies helping and showing lots of support. With one woman being diagnosed every 10 minutes, statistics have shown that around 55,000 women and 370 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK alone. So, don’t be a boob, save one instead!!

Here are some fabulous pink goodies to give you all some inspo to help raise breast cancer awareness.

Sassy Shop Wax Box Wax Melt Bars – £2.75

Sassy Shop Box Segment Pots – £4.00


wax bar sassy pots

Sassy Shop Wax have sent me a box full of lovely pink wax gifts, including a couple of Segment Pots and Wax Melt Bars. Once the wax starts burning, each wax product creates a gorgeous scent that fills the room, my house has never smelt so good.

Available from Sassy Shop Box


Huski Home Reusable Coffee Cup – £11.99 / 500ml


Who else loves a coffee on the go but hates the cost of going to buy one each morning? Huski Home use every day biodegradable products which often just get thrown away, to create these reusable coffee cups. The company thrives on sustainability and have made these cups non-toxic and silicone-free. I am loving my stylish pale pink coffee cup which I can take with me each morning to get my coffee fix. Plus, the size of it is big which is great!

Available from Huski Home


Rejuvenated Pink Drink Set – £68.75

The limited edition Rejuvenated Pink Drink set includes collagen shots, H30 hydration, a cocktail shaker, pink drink recipe brochure and a self-examination breast awareness card. The collagen shots and H30 Hydration can be added to your drinks as hydration supplements. They are an amazing way to keep yourself hydrated, whether you are doing the run for cancer , or just in general. Throughout October, Rejuvenated will be donating 10% to the Pink Ribbon Foundation and customers can also receive a 10% discount.



Available from Rejuvenated


Avon’s Boob Clutch – £10.00


Avon have teamed up with CoppaFeel  to help encourage and educate all women to give their breasts regular checks. 50% of the money for items like this trendy boob clutch go to CoppaFeel. So, remember ladies, don’t be afraid to give your boobs a good feel for any lumps, bumps or abnormalities, and pick up one of these fab clutch bags in support.

Available from Avon


Booja Booja Dairy Free Raspberry Chocolate Truffles – £4.99 / 69g


Time for a sweet treat – I absolutely love Booja Booja but have only ever tried their ice-cream. This six pack of raspberry truffles are a delicious, award winning chocolate.  I love giving them as a perfect gift; however, I am partial to a cheeky truffle or two. To make these even better, Booja Booja truffles are made with 100% dark raw chocolate from Ecuador and are dairy free, organic, gluten free, soya free, vegan and kosher – everyone’s a winner.

Available from Ocado


Sumatran Elephant Socks – £12

elephant socks

How cute are these limited-edition pink socks? Wearing these will not only show support for breast cancer awareness’ pink theme, but also support the Sumatran Elephants. Critically Endangered Socks have partnered up with The International Elephant Foundation. These socks are super soft and warm, which I am loving in this colder weather and they are made from a mix of cotton and bamboo. Every pair of socks that are bought, provides extra days of care for the Sumatran Elephants in a conservation response unit. Who doesn’t love elephants!

Available from Critically Endangered Socks


Pop a Ball Shimmer for Prosecco – £7.49


I recently attended Alex Silver PR’s pink pamper party. It was so lovely to catch up with the team and have some lovely treatments with a glass of Prosecco.  I could not get over how cool these Pop a Ball shimmer for prosecco’s were – they really did add to the pink pamper party vibe giving all our drinks added flavour and shimmer. Give these a try this month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Available from Pop a Ball


Procoal Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm– £7.95


This deodorant gives all day protection with a gender-neutral scent. This pink edition of the aluminium-free deodorant has launched for breast cancer awareness. 70% of the money made from the products bought on the Procoal website will be given to breast cancer charities, so make sure to buy yours.

Available from Procoal


IMO Q2 Plus – £39.99 

imo phone

Launching this month, is the new IMO Q2 Plus. It has been designed to give a smooth performance, super-fast 4G and IMO face unlock. If anyone is like me and wants things to work quickly and efficiently without being too much of a hassle, then this phone is sure to tick those boxes – not to mention this shade of hot pink is gorgeous.

Available from Argos and Vodafone


Wear it Pink Dollz Confetti Baubles – £4.99

ball balls

Dollz Confetti have kindly gifted me two of their baubles for the lead up to Christmas. They can be personalised with different confetti fillings and writing on the outside. My daughter now has a bauble with her name on which I know she will LOVE! They have also created a range of baubles to raise money for their charity fun day #WEARITPINK .

Available from Dollz Confetti


Pink Ribbon Bioflow Sport Flex magnetic therapy wristband – £30.00

ribbon wristband

Bioflow are supporting the Pink Ribbon Foundation who provide financial support to charities in aid of people who are suffering from or who have suffered from breast cancer, as well as those who work to give others an understanding of the detection of breast cancer and the treatments. This waterproof, silicone wristband has magnetic technology designed to complement an active lifestyle.

Available from Bioflow


Mavala nail polish – £5.20 each


These Mavala nail polishes always provide a pop of colour and a professional finish. More importantly, these pink shades are perfect to wear this month. The size of these are diddy which is perfect to carry in your bag and top up on the go.

Available from Nail Polish Direct


So, there we have it, I hope I have given you all some inspiration with these pink products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Grab your pink clothes and accessories and make sure you wear them throughout this month to show your support – And remember ladies, please make sure you give your breasts regular checks and go and see a doctor if you can feel anything unusual.


Gail xxx

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