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My Go-To Skincare Products

February 23, 2018

Finding a skincare routine that works can often feel like a never-ending search for the impossible. We’re often being told myths about which cleaners or moisturisers, so I made it my mission to bring you guys a range of skincare products that do what they say and don’t mislead you into an abyss of falsely advertised ‘holy grails’ – and of course, they’re all products I know you guys will love!


Cream Cleanser by KALME

cleanser - kalme

It is safe to say that cleansing is one of the most important part of a person’s skincare routine. The Cream Cleanser by Kalme lets you cleanse your skin through a cream-like application process, so you’re not having to stand over the sink, scrubbing your face until you’re red. This anti-redness and calming cleanser is one I’m so thankful I found.


Cleansing Milk by Esthederm


cleansing - esthederm

But of course, Alternatively, if you prefer to incorporate water into your cleansing routine, the Cleansing Milk by Esthederm works well with water to cleanse your skin of impurities whilst delicately replenishing and comforting skin post make-up removal. It’s the perfect way to prime your face for the rest of your skincare routine.


April Showers Bath Bomb & Here Comes The Sun Shower Cream by Lush

april showers - lush

It is almost impossible to walk out of a Lush store empty handed as their products smell divine and look super animated and adorable! My first favourite is the April Showers Bath Bomb – a cute, little cloud-shaped skin protector that works to provide a smooth finish to your skin post-bath. It works to tone and balance you skin while you enjoy your evening bath. With Fair Trade Cocoa Butter and Cypress Oils, this little guy will leave you feeling super relaxed and zen – a perfect way to end the day.


The Here Comes the Sun Shower Cream from Lush is made from gorgeous ingredients. From avocado and Sicilian oil to cup mushrooms and Shea butter, your skin will get the treat of a lifetime! Refreshing yet smoothing, this shower cream (like ALL Lush products) is vegan, which is a massive plus.


Glowing Skin Toner by Atlantis

toner - atlantis

As much as I love doing my make-up, I absolutely adore removing it and relaxing in my bare skin. I find that the Glowing Skin Toner by Atlantis refreshes my skin after a long day of having a full-face on. Not only that, it also works to balance my skins PH levels when used after cleansing which is a massive bonus – a useful 2-in-1!


Lavender Peel-Off Modelling Mask by Masque Bar

lavender mask - masquebar

Face masks are an absolute essential for the perfect and successful skin routine. They’re my go-to for an easy method of giving myself a quick yet affective treatment, and this Lavender Peel-off Modelling Masque by MasqueBAR. It works to give your skin a healthy glow in only a few steps while moisturising, nourishing and looking after your pores.


Renewal Night Cream by Murad

renewal night cream - murad

Revitalisation is important to keep skin looking younger for longer, and thankfully the Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream by Murad. The night cream is the perfect finish to my night-time skincare routine, as it’s light yet works to firm facial skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles!


There you go my loves! These are just a few of my current favourite skincare products that I thought you’d love to hear about. Let me know what you guys think, and whether you guys have any recommendations yourself!


Gail x

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