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My INDIBA® Deep Care Experience

November 15, 2019

Hey lovelies,

Who else can’t get over how much the weather has plummeted these last couple of weeks? Winter is definitely here!

Anyway, I’m back to enlighten you all on my second INDIBA® Deep Care body contouring treatment with BelleHealthUK. I was first introduced to INDIBA® at the ASPR Pamper Party a month ago and after such fantastic results I couldn’t resist booking in another appointment!

Let me start by explaining a little more about what INDIBA® Deep Care is and what it does. So basically, it’s a completely non-invasive, non-surgical, pain-free body contouring treatment that involves zero downtime and gives immediate results! After having kids, your tummy loses elasticity and INDIBA® Deep Care works to assist your body in tightening the skin through pain-free electrical transfers! INDIBA® Deep Care rebalances the ion cellular exchange therefore reducing fat and enabling skin tissue to regain lost elasticity and create healthy and revived looking skin. An electrode is smoothed over your skin to tighten it creating a more toned tummy. It’s a clinically proven treatment that rids your skin of toxic waste therefore rejuvenates the skin.

As I’m constantly on the move, it’s been a great treatment to quickly slot into my busy schedule. It only takes 30 minutes although the spa-like experience is so great I didn’t want it to end! It’s super relaxing and feels like a hot stone massage especially with the therapeutic spa music and array of calming smells burning around the dimly lit room.

It’s the perfect body enhancement to get you feeling confident without undergoing the stressful ordeals of surgery and then recovery time. The results aren’t too drastic either which means that through a series of appointments you can gradually reach the desired look that you’re after whilst enjoying the relaxing treatment each time. I’ve seen instant results and can’t get over how smooth, contoured and soft my skin has been afterwards. I’m already so excited for my next treatment and can’t wait to start treatments on other areas of my body too!

Love Gail x

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