Inside Alex Silver PR goody bags!

October 23, 2019

Hey lovelies! As you may have already read, I recently attended an Alex Silver PR’s Behind the Pink Door event, make sure to check out my latest blog post! In this blog post I am going to give you a behind the scenes look at all the amazing goodies I received. Every Alex Silver PR goody bag I’ve ever had has always been filled with the best products and this one was no exception.


Inside my beauty goody bag:

Femme Beauty’s lumi mist – a glowy spray that can be used before makeup to prime skin or after makeup to set it and add a glow or even for your body or hair! Available at:  For £29.99


Lumi glow


Footner’s exfoliating socks – I have tried exfoliating socks before and have been so impressed with their results, they leave your feet feeling so soft, I’m really excited to try these ones. Available at:—1-pair/p/399106  For £19.99





Simple’s eye sheet mask –  I love the fact that this is a sheet mask especially for eyes, I can’t wait to use it when my eyes are really in need of a pamper to see how well it works. It’s meant to help reduce puffiness around the eyes, something that we all want to try and get rid of! Available at:  For £1.69





Gin Puerto de Indias’ mini strawberry gin – what more could you want in a goody bag? This is by far one of the best pink gins I have ever tried I will definitely be repurchasing at some point! Available at:   For £2.79





Primark x Alex Steinherr’s sleep spa sleeping face mask – Primark have collaborated with Alex Steinherr and created a premium skincare range, I cant wait to try my first product from it. All of the items cost less than £5 in the range! Available instore.





Zitsticka – this product is essentially what it seems, a sticker for your zit! It tries to eradicate the zit using microdarts containing zit-reducing ingredients. I will definitely be trying this on the next spot I get. Available at:  A pack for £27.99





Chelsea Peer’s dressing gown – this dressing gown is the comfiest thing, I absolutely love the fluffy hood and the colour of it, so cute and girly. What a generous gift! Available at:  For £42.00


dressing gown



Mio’s get waisted body cream – this body cream goes hand-in-hand with the INDIBA body contouring treatment that I had at the pamper party, it is meant to try and tone and sculpt your body. I am definitely going to give this a try soon, who doesn’t want to feel more toned and sculpted? Available at:  For £29.50





ESPA’s cooling body moisturiser – This smells gorgeous and I like that it is a gel moisturiser as it is light on the skin instead of thick and greasy. Available at:  For £35.00





Eyeko’s skinny liquid eyeliner – I’m a lover of eyeliner so when I saw this product was in my goody bag I was instantly happy, you can never go wrong with a black winged eyeliner, although I’m terrible at applying myself! Available at: For £16.00





Illamasqua’s loaded lip polish – I would describe this product as a cross between a lip gloss and lip stick. It has the texture of a gloss but the pigmentation of a lipstick which is why I love this product. Available at: For £19.00





Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow – a brow defining pencil which I have heard many good things about so I am excited to try this out. Available at:  For £21.50





Zoeva’s Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette – this palette is full of gorgeous warm and cool nude tones, perfect for everyday looks but it also has a couple of darker colours which are great if you want to create more of a dramatic night look. Available at:  For £33.50


nude spectrum



Nanshy makeup brush set – these brushes look so sleek and feel really soft, I am excited to try these out and they’re vegan and cruelty free which is always amazing. Available at:  For £34.95




Secret weapons’s invisistrips – these look perfect for when you’re wearing a strapless top or a top with spaghetti straps but you still want to have the support of a bra, no one will notice your bra straps as these are clear and therefore very discrete. Available at:  For £3.oo





Secret weapon’s invisilifts – Or if you do not want to wear a bra at all these are a great alternative! These give you a natural lift to your boobs; support without the hassle of wearing a bra. Available at:  For £8





Huda Beauty’s liquid matte lipstick – Huda Beauty is a brand I have always heard a lot about so I am excited to try these out and the colours are so gorgeous. Available at:  For £18.00





Balm Balm’s beauty balm – an all-purpose balm that can be used anywhere on the body and as a moisturiser, exfoliating and cleanser plus it smells so good. Available at:  For £16.50


Balm Balm

BeGlow’s Tia all-in-one sonic skin care system – a cleansing product that removes all dirt and impurities whilst trying to reduce signs of ageing skin, sign me up! The device also sends out pulsations that unclogs pores and increases blood flow so your skin appears healthier and clearer. I absolutely love this thing, after a long day of wearing makeup I really feel like this manages to remove every bit of it and any other impurities. Available at:–c-_-NAP_EN_UK_PLA-_-NAP%C2%A0-%C2%A0UK%C2%A0-%C2%A0GS%C2%A0-+Designer+-+Class_Beauty+-+Type_Tools+%26+Devices%C2%A0-%C2%A0High%C2%A0-%C2%A0CSS–Tools+%26+Devices+-+Electronic+Devices_INTL&gclid=CjwKCAjw9L_tBRBXEiwAOWVVCZtcsSJ7i9i5X8qlqeLWmAovde7XJ_1N69CVdK5F8l2kCVG_9o7FWRoC6HMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds  For £199


be glow



Sassy Shop Wax’s wax melts – These smell amazing even when not being burned but when you do burn them they smell even better and fill your whole room with the scent. It’s like walking into heaven, I wish there was a way you could smell through your screen so I could show you. Available at: For £2.75


wax melt



ItCosmetics’s flat foundation brush – this looks like the perfect buffing brush for your foundation or even concealer and super soft! Available at:  For £35.00


it cosmetics brush



Huski Home’s reusable cup – not only is this cup biodegradable and really cute its also a great way to do your bit for the environment instead of buying paper coffee cups or plastic water bottles. Available at:  For £11.99


huski home



Ole Henriksen’s cold pore plunge mask – I love the idea of this product, its cooling effect is meant to reduce the appearance of pores. Available at:!)+Ole+Henriksen-_-(GB:Whoop!)+OleH_SF+-+Desktop,+Tablet&gclid=CjwKCAjw9L_tBRBXEiwAOWVVCbDfH4YbGTYA_sJa8I9efVTBuzVdSDxPpbohZxQFg12gCCOIpAQMuRoC7d4QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds For £22


ole henrik



Lastly, I opened my goody bag to an advent calendar by L’Occitane – filled with 24 mini beauty products which I cannot wait to open, even more reason to be excited for Christmas! This was a great treat and I know my daughter will be sharing bits from it. Available at:,83,1,93887,1270548.htm For £49


advent calendar


I am very grateful for all of these lovely goodies and I am looking forward to seeing how I get on with the ones that I have not yet tried, I’m sure I am going to love them. It’s also going to take me a year to get through! A massive thank you to these brands and to the lovely Alex Silver PR team as always, I can’t wait until the next event, I honestly look forward to them all-year round.

Love Gail xxx





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