Meet the Chopstick Facial – the perfect lock-down beauty tool!

June 26, 2020

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you’ve all had a chance to enjoy this glorious sunshine that we’re having.

I wanted to hop on the blog today to share with you a recent beauty discovery of mine. As you know I love a little pamper session and enjoy sharing my fave products here with you guys on my site. I’m also passionate about natural anti-ageing and have found a nifty little tool that really does help with fine lines!

Enter The Chopstick Facial. I bought mine just before we went into lockdown after it was launched early this year by a skincare brand that I love called Crystal Clear Skincare. For those of you who are not aware of the brand, they have been going for 25 years now and are well known for their 5* signature salon facials and award-winning skincare products.

Gail 1

So… what’s this Chopstick Facial all about?

It is basically an at-home facial device that helps to tone, sculpt, re-puff and lift your face. One of the amazing things about the tool is that you can give yourself a full facial in JUST 60 seconds. This is a real help in being able to maintain the routine and keep using it every day to get the maximum results. There are so many beauty gadgets out there that require a commitment of at least 15 minutes a day and I don’t know about you, but they always end up in the back of a drawer or forgotten about. Whereas 60 seconds is maintainable amount of time, even for busy mums.

Chopstick Facial 2 Chopstick Facial


Arriving in a luxe gift box, the kit comes with two ‘wands’ or ‘chopsticks’ which are powered by sonic vibrations and rolled over the face to lift and firm muscles. Also included is a potent hyaluronic acid serum called Pharma Grade which you put inside the wands so that the powerful hydration is dispensed as you give yourself a facial.

There are two sets of heads that come with the Chopstick Facial; a pair of roller balls and a pair of flat metal heads (you can even keep these in the fridge for a lush cooling effect on eye bags!).

Chopstick Facial Tech

The three power settings are tailored for the programme you choose and the instructions in the included manual are easy to follow–

  • Instant Eye Lift
  • Instant Face Firming
  • Instant Eye Bag De-puffing
  • Instant Plumping & Hydration
  • Instant Luminosity

I’ve had a great experience using the Chopsticks, they’re super simple to use, easy to keep in your routine and most importantly, make your skin feel amazing! I’ve maintained using mine everyday during lockdown and I have to say, I can really notice the difference! It’s particularly great atm whilst the salons are closed but with these amazing results I’m definitely a life long fan now. Also there are no batteries required, you simply charge up every so often with the cable provided.

Gail 2

The kit costs £189.99 and is available from the Crystal Clear website here –

PLUS the brand have 25% off at the moment and free shipping on orders over £35.00!

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