The Orb Spa Shower Head

June 8, 2017

Hiya lovelies!

Aren’t you a lucky bunch getting two posts in one month?!

As you all know I love my exercise – yoga, cycling, and running being my favourites. But who else finds that not even a cold shower can remove the aches and pains that come with working out?

I have found a shower head that has completely changed how I recover after a work out, and thought I would share this amazing gadget with you guys.


Ecocamel’s ORB SPA shower head


orb spa crop


For me the biggest benefit of the ORB SPA is the removable sonic massaging unit that pops out from the actual shower head and can be used directly on the skin to really soothe those achy muscles.

Due to the massager running on a4 batteries it can be used without being attached to the shower head, and without water. So whenever an ache pops up I just use the handheld massager, no problem.

It’s also been said that vibration therapy can reduce cellulite, so another bonus!

Orb_Spa_Vibrator_sml_3242Of course there’s more to the ORB SPA than the massager. The ORB SPA turns hard water – which is really bad for the skin as it dries it out, ages it, and aggravates skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis – into soft water.

Soft water is better for you as it helps control dry itchy skin, is more soluble so you don’t have to use as much soap to create a lather for washing, and it reduces limescale from your shower.

Hard water is supplied to over 60% of homes in the UK. That’s shocking! So just by simply switching to the ORB SPA shower head you’re making your skin so much healthier.

Who would think that a shower head could have so many benefits??



That’s it from me today my loves. I hope you all have a magnificent week!

Until next time,

Gail xxxx


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