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The perfect workspace: My home office

March 16, 2018

Hi everyone, welcome back!

So I have decided to put together a collection of my workspace must-haves for the perfect home office and maximum productivity. I have always thought how important it is to feel peaceful, happy and relaxed whilst working and to find your zen.

Most of our lives we spend working, studying, reading and often for some- from the comfort of our home, So why wouldn’t you want your workspace to feel comfortable and to suit your personal taste?

Starting off with lighting, which is key for a clear and bright atmosphere. The totally stunning LED crystal light beautifully sparkles and illuminates any room but also has a dimming option, perfect for an ambient mood. The Socket Store has lots of really elegant lighting, but the Roma style is my absolute favourite.

Crystal Light Pendant (£175.00)


If you are anything like me – you can appreciate a scented candle or two. Candles always make me feel content and super relaxed, which is what I need when I have lots to write about. I always appreciate anything that can keep me focused but relaxed, so having my scented candle is a must! ‘It is the perfect fragrance for welcoming a touch of nature into your home.’

Wax Lyrical Ceramic Candle (£24.99)


If candles aren’t your thing then you’ll definitely need some essential oils, which features a colour changing light – another great way of maintaining that ambience and setting the tone for any mood. I love the honey-comb vibes from this Ellia Diffuser, perfect with a few drops of Peppermint or Orange essential oil which are my faves for keeping me feeling revitilised and focused.

Essential Oil Diffuser (£89.99)Untitled

My office is surrounded by fragrances, and I change them up regularly to keep it fresh. Who doesn’t love their home to smell amazing? Another scent I always need in my office is the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty room fragrance reeds. It comes with a handy miniature perfume which I love to keep in my bag for my travels. A little goes a long way with this scent and it really looks elegant and adds a touch of luxury to any space.

I Am Woman – Body & Soul Collection (£32.00)


I am always keeping myself busy, especially with writing, and find that my hands could always do with a bit of TLC and I always try to keep them really hydrated and moisturised. Even if I am feeling tired after a long day I don’t want my hands looking tired too! The added SPF is important and beneficial in maintaining youthful looking skin and with ingredients such as avocado and argan oil, vitamin E and rich in antioxidants, this is just the helpful little lotion to remedy any fine lines and dehydration.

Time Repair Anti Ageing Hand Therapy SPF 15 (£14.00)


Snacking! I discovered these at an event a little while ago in my goody bag and fell in love! I don’t just have these Candy Kittens and Indie Bay Snacks for afternoon nibbles, but I also like to have a few packs dotted around in my display jars. It adds to my desk space and I like to think it makes my workspace feel more colourful and welcoming. It’s always a good idea for me to have some snacks close by to keep me going!



I also have my Vieve Protein Water stocked up which also keeps my energy levels high and keeps me revitalised. They come in a variety of natural flavours too! High in protein, sugar and fat free – you can’t go wrong. My favourite flavour right now is the Citrus, Apple & Mint, which reminds me a little of Mojito!

pro water

Another real staple product I feel is necessary for my home office would be reading material. I do try and give myself some breaks from working at the computer, and while I have some lunch I like to catch up on my magazines and books. A book I have been reaching for more is the intriguing Seventy Thirty by Susie Ambrose which has me giggling with some of the dating scenarios and situations people get themselves into. This book is designed for the busy and successful who spend 70% of their time working and 30% socialising. It really is an interesting read.


Everything I have mentioned above helps me to maintain a happy work-life balance in the home. I hope that if you are thinking about setting up an office or if you already have your workspace constructed then definitely consider adding some little finishing touches such as these. Fragrance, reading material, lighting, mood and ambience are all factors that will make your working life at home a real comfort and inspire you to work harder at achieving your goals!

All my love,

Gail xxx


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