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Review: Garnier Organic Skincare

August 21, 2019

Hey my lovelies, just wanted to share with you all the latest from Garnier which was very kindly sent to me. With the increasing demand for natural skincare, Garnier has gone above and beyond by releasing an Organic range. The beauty with this range (pardon the pun) is that unlike most natural skincare brands, Garnier is affordable! Hallelujah! Finally, our prayers have been answered; organic skincare at a reasonable price. Could this get any better? The answer is yes.


The range that is certified by the Soil Association, includes six main ingredients, lavandin, argan, thyme, lemongrass, cornflower and konjac which produce 11 products. So, without further ado…


(from Provence, France)


Smooth & Glow Facial Oil


This product is a dream! I absolutely love the way this oil keeps my skin nurtured and glowing all day without being greasy. It is the perfect oil to prep your skin before applying your make-up as it gives it such a flawless, smooth finish and smells incredible!


Anti Age Day Cream


Thanks to the antioxidant Vitamin E, this reduces wrinkles and firms your skin (need I say anymore?). The formula keeps your skin plumped, moisturised and helps to counteract free radical damage. The Organic Argan Oil and Organic Aloe Vera seal the skin locking in moisture and keeping it hydrated. This has quickly become a regular addition to my bedtime routine, the soothing, calming properties of lavender mixed with the super nourishing thickness of this cream make it ideal to use before hitting the hay.


Eye Cream


People forget how delicate their under-eye area is and how imperative it is to use sensitive, soothing ingredients for this area. This is why Garnier’s concoction of Organic Cornflower, Jojoba seed oil and other emollients are perfect for soothing and hydrating the area around the eye. I’ve been using this daily and have seen instant results!



(from France)


Perfecting Toner


I was blown away instantly by this product which immediately purified and mattified my skin, making my pores appear tightened and my skins texture refined. It really helps to reduce redness too and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.


(from Sri Lanka)


Detox Gel Wash


I especially love this product for the way it cleanses away dirt, oil and pollution without drying the skin out. The formula that pairs Organic Cornflower Water, Glycerin and Citric Acid leaves your complexion rebalanced and fresh by releasing the bond that secures together the top layers of dead skin cells. I know, it sounds gross but that is exactly the reason why I can’t get enough of it!


Daily Moisturiser


I often suffer from appearing a bit shiny after using moisturisers which is never a good look. If you too feel my pain then this is the product for you. It keeps your skin hydrated all day long without it appearing shiny or greasy. This is down to the water retaining blend of Organic Lemongrass, Organic Barley Stem Water, Glycerin and Carrageenan (it’s extracted from seaweed – just when you think it couldn’t get any more natural) which leaves skin mattified and refreshed.


(from France)


Micellar Water


I am obsessed with this micellar water and use it everyday! It traps impurities and dirt which can then easily be lifted with a (reusable! We’re keeping it green here people) cotton pad. Therefore, it removes make-up, cleanses the skin and rids it of any residue. It’s my new fave make-up remover!


(from The Asian Highlands)


Botanical Cleansing Sponge


I can’t live without this! It’s perfect for everyday use and so effective for cleansing and exfoliating the skin.



(from Agadir, Morocco)


Day Cream & Multi-Use Balm
£7.99 each

Untitled design


These two are great and have definitely become a vital part of my everyday routine! They’re both thick, buttery and rich in texture from the Organic Argan Oil which leaves the skin nourished and ultra soft.


Rich Again Hydrating Mist


This facial mist is so nourishing and refreshing that I’ve almost used an entire bottle (oops…probably a result of passing it around on my daily travels to show any old stranger just how good it is). It’s the ultimate must-have addition to your handbag and will refresh you instantly whilst leaving your skin dewy.


This collection has really impressed me, the entire concept is amazing but for Garnier to actually generate such efficient, natural, accessible and affordable products is incredible. A round of applause for Garnier please. In fact, this deserves a standing ovation.


The collection is available from SuperdrugLookfantastic and Boots.


Let me know what your favourite product from this range is?


Love Gail x

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