Skin Aspirations- DMK Facial Tried & Tested!

October 19, 2017

Arriving at Skin Aspirations in South Kensington I am greeted by Simona and shown into a lovely treatment room with soft music playing. Today I am visiting to experience the Danne Montague-King (DMK) Facial, a concept which is entirely new to me. A process involves your face, neck and shoulders are encased in an Enzyme masque  and left to set for 45 mins.

The session begins with a very thorough skin consultation covering my skin type (dry), current skin care habits (good but of course, could always be better), health conditions and a run down of any previous peels, facials and fillers. We both agreed that this would be one of my second most invasive facial treatments, the other being Microdermabrasion which I’ve found gave me glowing results. As we’re talking skin care and treatments, it becomes apparent that Simona really knows her stuff, I’m a type 1 Diabetic and it’s refreshing to speak to someone who understands our slow healing time. She recommends I stay clear of Micro Needling and other treatments that pierce the skin.

Next its time for my close up! I’m given a soft towel wrap to wear in order to leave leave my neck and décolletage exposed exposed for the treatment process. Then it’s onto the bed and under the magnifying glass for a skin analysis. Simona works over my face and neck, explaining the condition of the skin and in most cases explaining what I could do to improve it. She agrees I do have visible sun damage (four months in Texas, four in Ibiza and a further 6 weeks in Thailand plus some naughty sun bed use in my teen years has certainly taken its toll!). However what’s really interesting to hear is that my skin actually isn’t dry as I had assumed. Apparently my ‘dry patches’ are actually dead skin cell build up and I’m not using a good enough exfoliator.

Each treatment of Enzime Facial is actually totally customisable to the client and treatments can be done as regularly as once a week, less frequently or as a stand alone treatment. The first treatment is a traditional method used on each client’s first visit to the clinic- this is the facial I am experiencing today. The facial is a non-invasive, hydrolysing skin conditioning treatment that aims to remove dead protein skin cells from the surface. Unlike lots of other treatments on the market it doesn’t peel the skin, instead the therapy is specially designed to increase circulation, lymphatic drainage, improve collagen production and skin functioning- quite a claim!


The facial is recommended for those who want to banish wrinkles, fine lines, premature ageing, pigmentation, blackheads and breakouts.

We kick off with a lovely cleanse using the Milk Cleanser which contains natural ingredients such as White Oak Bark extract and Soybean. It feels gorgeous on my skin and right away I’m asking if she has any for sale. This is followed by a Sebum Soak mask applied to key problem areas (in my case my chin and left cheek) to draw out any nasties and open pours ready for an extraction. Spots and pimples are extracted using a small metal device then Acu-Therm (a topical spot gel) is applied which again targets these problem areas, it’s been dubbed the ‘ultimate poor cleansing tool’.

Simona then applied the DMK Pore-Reduction Drops which are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Then begins the Enzyme Facial, which is painted on and left to set for 45 minutes. She warns me that the mask will feel tighter than any I’ve tried at home and she’s right it does but it’s not uncomfortable at all. In fact I felt very relaxed indeed!


After the mask time is up, it is cleansed away using the Milk Thistle Cleanser and followed with more Pore Reduction Drops. Then a DMK Beta Gel is applied aiming to target irritated skin whilst delivering Vit. C & B direct to where we need it most. Simona also uses an Eye Tone Serum helping to combat dark circles, fine lines and puffiness.

The final steps include the DMK Herb & Mineral Mist and Seba-E Oil. I’m a big fan of face oils and the product feels lovely as it’s massaged in. A final mist followed by a product called Betagen (aiming to reduce redness and revise inflamed skin conditions) and the process is complete.


As you can see from the pictures my skin looks super refreshed, plump and hydrated. You might notice some pigmentation at first but it dies down very quickly. In the weeks following my treatment, my skin feels really hydrated, exfoliated and glowing. I would definitely recommend taking a visit to Skin Aspirations especially if you are battling with a skin complaint.

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