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    Healthy skin, nails and bones! Introducing Ailixir Collagen

    September 14, 2018

    Hello my lovelies, it’s me again with another blog post! As the days are getting shorter, darker (and colder!!) I’ve been giving by body a bit of TLC to counteract the dreaded winter weather. I’m still keeping up with my gym sessions and my trusty bike has me getting from A to B but I’m trying to keep myself as healthy as possible and as a result I’ve ventured into the world of supplements. The newest addition to my vitamin…

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  • dfghj

    Feeling Christmassy!

    Hey! Hope all is well with everyone. I know when it is getting close to Christmas as my usually quite social life suddenly goes into overdrive! It’s great fun but I am not as young as…

    November 24, 2016