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My Top Picks: January Retox Guide

January 3, 2018

Hello Lovelies!

It’s me again, I hope you’re all well and had an amazing Christmas and New Years! I cannot believe 2017 is over, however I don’t know about you but I am ready for a fresh start now that the festivities are over. Whether you had to0 many tipples or late nights, you are probably back at work and feeling a little bit rubbish. So to make you feel a little bit better, I’ve put together a January Retox Guide made up of some exciting goodies that will help you rid those January blues and have you feeling relaxed, detoxed and back to yourself in no time.

Rachel Vosper No 1 Candle (£20)


Nothing says relax more than lighting a candle, taking a break and winding down. Essence by Rachel Vosper is a perfect choice with top notes including peach and bergamot, and base notes of amber this candle is fresh and uplifting yet deliciously sweet.

Jan Constantine Joy Candle (£12)


Joy by Jan Constantine is another of my top picks, presented in a beautiful gift box with top notes of freesia, peony and lily and base notes of cashmere and Vetiver to. It has a freshly washed bed sheets fragrance you can’t get enough of.

Plant Protein Powder (£21.99)


Whether you are looking to make some healthy changes or start a new fitness regime, I recommend some 100% plant protein powder. Scitec Nutrition’s powder is made from 100% of protein from peas, so suitable for Vegans and it is easy to work it in to your daily life, either in smoothies, oats or on its own as a shake, it will increase your protein intake and put you on the right track for 2018.

T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel of Mask (£4.99) & Deep Cleansing Scrub (£2.99)


Whether it was the indulgent food, or the cold winter weather, your skin may not be at it’s best right now, but I have just the solution with one of my favourite brands T-Zone. T-Zone have a large range of products to help all skin types and fight any blemish you may have. My favourite being the Black Peel off mask containing activated charcoal and bamboo extract, the mask will help to unblock pores and peel away blackheads, while not damaging the moisture of your skin!

Detoxifying Himalayan Salt – Westlab (5.99)


Nothing says Retox like bath salts! Made from only the highest quality Himalayan crystals I cannot recommend this product enough. The Himalayan salt is packed full of minerals and will give you smooth and radiant looking skin, while also removing negative and toxic substances, leaving you healthy and detoxed ready to take on the new year.

Calm Sleep Mist (£23)


January is a time to recharge after all the Christmas mayhem and the best way to do this is getting a restful sleep, like most I find it hard to switch off, which is where this wonderful sleep mist from Calm comes in. Made with Lavender, Chamomile and Frankincense the sleep mist creates a relaxing and calm environment that will help you drift of into a not only a restful, but deep sleep.

Pulse Point Roll-On Perfume – The Chapel Mellifera (£22)1Saving my favourite ’til last! A pulse point roll on perfume by The Chapel Mellifera, made up of sweet vanilla and floral rose notes and blended with essential oils, this beautifully fragrant roller-ball will calm your senses, soothe your mind and help you stay relaxed throughout the day.

I love all of these products and I hope you do to! January is all about starting a fresh and taking care of your self with a Retox is just the thing. I hope you have the best start to the new year, I’ll be posting lots more soon, so keep an eye out!

All my love,

Gail xxx

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