Update – What I Got Up To Last Week!

October 12, 2016

Hey all,

Well, I’m back on my fitness extremes again. Been writing my wish list for Santa from Adidas and Nike. I can dream! Anyway, I have been practicing hot yoga at Sohot yoga in London town. It has been really tough but I am really noticing a difference in my skin as well as my weight. Someone once referred to it as the Pepsi Max of the yoga world! I’m loving it. Give it a try!

Heaven Skincare

I’ve been using amazing skincare products called Heaven by Deborah Mitchell. I’m usually really naughty and forget to use anything. My mum had lovely skin and I was rather fortunate inheriting that bit, but time is catching up with me so I’m using Heavens bee venom mask and age defiance cream. So youthful!


With all this fitness, I allowed myself a wee treat. My daughter and I went to Brighton on Friday. Yes, we had chips on the pier! Then bumper cars and girlie shopping. (I only had a few chips, honest)


Slimmeria retreat

On Sunday I came back to favourite detox and fitness retreat, Slimmeria (working off those chips!)


We survive on 400kcals a day, all veg and salad, with loads of walks and great fitness classes. I’ve just finished boxing then was incased in a steam barrel to detoxify. The pic below looks like a torture chamber! But it is amazing. Back next week and will let you know how I’m  feeling and I’ll show you the results.



Popped in to see a tattooist named Darryl (this pic is not him btw!) Darryl owns Diamond Jacks in Soho and he did part of my arm tattoo. Anyhoo, this random gentleman asked me for a selfie. I think he has a few tattoos!


Me and Fred Perry

This is just a wee picture of me wearing my favourite Fred Perry trench coat and classic Polo shirt. Love it.


Snow dogs in Brighton

There are over 50 individual snow dogs sculptures dotted around Brighton until the 28th of November

It is inspired by the animated film ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’ by Raymond Briggs. It will be raising funds for the local charity, Martlets Hospice. You can grab a map and see how many you can find. Norman Cook, aka Fatboyslim, is hosting a snowdog at his Big Beach Cafe.



With much love,

(And have a bar of chocolate for me)



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