My Winter Skin Saviors

October 13, 2017

Hi there my lovelies! Is it already that time of year again? The cold winter weather really takes its toll on my skin, it becomes so dry and lack lustre. So here are my favourite products for rejuvenating and hydrating my skin during these cold winter months. I have even included a daily supplement as we all need to help our skin from the inside out!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil 

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This is the best stuff for rehydrating tired skin, I use it all over my body when I get out of the shower and sometimes on my face if it is feeling especially dry. Its a great product that leaves my skin feeling baby soft without that greasy feeling that body oils so often leave- I definitely recommend!

Pure HA The Skin’s Daily Food Supplement

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As I am sure we all know ladies, as we get to a certain age our skin looses its plumpness and hydration. I take this supplement everyday with a glass of water to help my skin from the inside! The supplement contains hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps skins elasticity, we lose this as we age. I take this because my skin needs a boost and I have definitely noticed a difference since taking this!


The Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Body Lotion

JOA10005COMPc-Luxury Body Lotion

The legend herself, Dame Joan Collins, swears by wearing SPF everyday and this luxurious body lotion contain SPF 15, to protect against sun damage, which is still important even in winter! The lotion is perfect for sensitive skin like mine and contains avocado butter, which really helps to repair dry skin. It also smells amazing, just like the Joan Collins I AM WOMAN perfume which I am absolutely in love with- I cannot get enough of this stuff!


Institute Estherderm Eau Cellulaire Spray

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Last but certainly not least is this incredible facial mist, I spritz it over my makeup during the day to instantly refresh my skin and boost radiance. This contains no fragrance, which is great as I hate perfumed products for my face! I would really recommend this to ladies whose skin loses its glow throughout the day, its the perfect product to pop into your handbag and use throughout the day.

I hope you all enjoy the products!

Gail x


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