My Favourite Tanning Brand – Norvell

July 30, 2019

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you have all been having an amazing summer. There really isn’t anything better than London in the sun! I try to reduce my time in the sun and instead I get my summer glow another way.

I’ve been a fan of Norvell Tanning products for a while now after having my fair share of tanning mishaps from horrific streaks to that unforgiving luminous orange glow. After many years of struggling to find the right tanner for me, it’s great to have a brand I know I get on with and without having to worry about any tanning faux pas.

For those of you who are not familiar with Norvell, they are the tanning brand behind all those gorgeous tans you see on Strictly Come Dancing, so they are THE BEST in the business of bronze without a doubt. Whenever I get a Norvell tan I’m always left with a natural sunless colour without a trace of orange. I find it rather funny to see people’s reactions when they ask where I’ve been away and I reply, “SCOTLAND!!!”

The way in which I achieve my summer glow is by popping in to see my friends at Alex Silver PR HQ. They have a fantastic set up in their offices with an automated tanning booth. Heaven! Whenever I need my tan topping up I pop in, have a catch up with the girls and get a gorgeous tan in minutes. It literally takes no time at all and I come out feeling great.

At the ASPR office!

At the ASPR office!

Sometimes a tan is all you need! I use the Venetian solution to create my glow and can safely say the finishing colour never fails to disappoint. It creates the perfect bronze due to the award-winning formula of violet and bronze hues which counteract any unwanted orange tones.

When heading away for a weekend or travelling with work, I’ll most likely grab the Ultra Vivid Rapid Sunless Mousse which gets to work in just one hour so there’s absolutely no waiting around, perfect for a gal like me who is always on the go. Another thing which I love about this product is that it is virtually odourless, so I don’t have to worry about any lingering biscuit scent which has to be without a doubt one of THE worst things about most fake tan products.


For days where I have a bit more time, I’ll choose the Venetian Gradual Self-Tanner which has a built-in CC Cream. This product is different as it is a crème-gel formula, so it is best applied by massaging the tan all over and waiting for the colour to develop and deepen into a beautiful Mediterranean tan.

cc cream

So, there you have it – all my tips, tricks and secrets to creating a natural-looking tan which looks like I’ve been on a trip to the Algarve for weeks on end! As an added bonus- they’re cruelty-free too! No nasties and completely vegan-friendly.

Have you tried Norvell Tanning before?

Love Gail x

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