Glow and behold – my third Aqua3 facial!

March 1, 2020

Hello lovelies,

It’s been a short while since I’ve been in touch with you all, but I wanted to give some light relief and share the amazing facial that I had last week .

I felt that my skin needed a pick-me-up and going into Spring I fancied a transformative treat, so I went back to my friends from Baldan Group UK for their fantastic Aqua3 facial!

You all know how much I raved about the treatment a couple of months ago (and again a few weeks later) so when I went back again my lovely therapist Emily went through the different treatment types I could have with the Aqua3 and gave me advice given the change of season. We decided to go for the anti-ageing treatment (there are three others you can have including anti-pigmentation, deep-cleanse and anti-acne).

I’ve always loved treatments that are both relaxing and have visible short-term and long-term effects, with targeted skincare solutions that are tailor made to my skin, and the Aqua3 Facial ticks all these boxes. Also, if truth be told I’m not a huge fan of treatments that abide by ‘no pain no gain’ so this one if perfect.

So, with the anti-ageing setting on, Emily got to work and used mandelic and salicylic acid with a water peeling tool to vacuum away any imperfections, dirt, grime and pollution and the impurities around my nose, chin and forehead area were comfortably lifted away.

The salicylic acid deals with thicker skin, that is more can prone and generally oilier. It is the only acid that cuts through skin sebum to clear congestion. Mandelic acid is much lighter and deals with the outermost layer of dead skin.

The next step was to apply an anti-ageing chemical peel to tackle any skin surface irregularity, pigmentation and fine lines. This felt incredibly comfortable and was just a wee bit tingly.

She then moved onto my favourite part of the treatment Hydration!

I’m all about gorgeous, glowing, plump skin and luckily so is the Aqua3! Infusing low molecular weight hyaluronic acid deeply into the skin with the infuser hand piece… honestly it left me with a glow that didn’t go away! The hydration stage also involves the bubbling mask which infuses the deep layers of skin with moisture, once applied to my skin it transformed into a soft creamy mousse leaving my skin calm and conditioned for the final stage…

The soft action diamond-grained microdermabrasion hand piece which has three different levels of intensity finishes the skin with a smooth, perfectly primer canvas to take on your day with or without makeup! It felt so relaxing and when I looked in the mirror when the I couldn’t believe that it was my skin looking back at me!

I know you’d all love to hear the results so now, a week later:

My complexion drew compliments from friends, family and people who passed me in the street! My skin felt super clean, glowing and revitalised and I was ready to take on whatever the world had to throw at me!

Now, two weeks on my skin is still gloriously glowing with less visible fine lines and wrinkles!

Although you see amazing results from the first treatment, now having the third I can really notice the long-lasting differences! If you’d like to enquire about a complimentary consultation, then visit the Baldan website and speak to one of the team there! I honestly could’ve recommended it enough 😊.

Love Gail x


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