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Introducing: OSKIA London

September 27, 2019

Hello there,

Eating healthy and staying hydrated is so important to keep your body feeling amazing, so when it comes to skincare I have been exploring more naturally derived products. This is when I discovered the amazing British brand Oskia. Their philosophy amazes me, completely as it is results driven, honest, pure and technologically advanced. As I read more about the brand and its ranges, I knew I had to try it all (well almost).

Retinoid Sleep Serum

Price: £70.00


Serums are key to thriving skin and this one is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help to plump, firm and boost your natural complexion. Another amazing thing about Oskia skincare is that all the nutritional facts are clearly explained for each product on their boxes, making it so easy to understand what you are putting on your skin. It’s best used at night for full absorption.

Perfect Cleanser

Price: £34.00

oskia cleanser

‘Perfect’ by name and by nature, this cleanser starts as a rich nourishing balm and becomes a light milky consistency when you mix it with water. It left my skin feeling cleansed, purified and soft. It’s probiotic ingredients really surprised me with how they help to protect the skin and keep away harmful bacteria, keeping air pollution from congesting my skin.

Nutri- Active Day Cream

Price: £62.00

nutri active oskia

It’s a very difficult task to find a light-weight day cream that is still rich and hydrating but the Nutri-Active Day Cream makes it easy. With an amazing blend of botanical oils such as Rosehip, Jojoba and Sesame Seed, the ingredients work harmoniously together to give the perfect amount of hydration for the day time. I cannot praise this product enough.

Liquid Mask

Price: £65.00

liquid mask oskia

If you are like me and suffer from the occasional skin congestion and blemishes, this product could really help you. It is so simple to use just a couple of drops before bed and you wake up with the most radiant and clear skin. The Lactic Acid works wonders at keeping skin troubles at bay.

Cleansing Gel

Price: £33.00

cleansing gel oskia

A non-foaming facial cleanser is a new try for me, I thought that it would be less effective at removing makeup but to my surprise it was the complete opposite. The Cleansing Gel gently removed my make-up with ease, leaving my skin smooth, soft and not stripped of any of any essential oils.

Bedtime Beauty Boost

Price: £85.00

bedtime boost oskia

Night cream that is light in texture but rich in nutrients is the only way to describe this luxury product. It’s given me a brighter and more hydrated complexion after the first use, so I can’t wait to see those anti-ageing agents working as well. This may be a pricey addition to your skincare routine but it’s worth every penny.

Renaissance Mask

Price: £55.00

renaissance mask oskia

The award-winning Renaissance Mask is one of the best Oskia products I tried it completely brightens and resurfaces the skin in only a few applications. It’s key ingredients are all natural and fruit-based, with the enzymes helping to breakdown and remove excess skin cells.

Overall, I’m absolutely in love with this range even the packaging which is so simplistic and sophisticated, it looks amazing on your bathroom shelf! It’s also all recyclable and made from environmentally friendly plastics. Not to mention all their product are cruelty free and vegetarian (with a large vegan range as well!). I cannot wait to try more.

These are all available from Oskia.

Let me know your favourite product I’ve mentioned or one you would love to try.


Gail xxx

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