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January So Far…

January 16, 2017


So, I have decided to, at long last do the Marathon this year for Macmillan. They looked after my mother and Grandmother when they both were consumed by Cancer. They were such an amazing help in comfort in such heart breaking times. I am also taking part in the 100km bike ride around London with women against cancer.

Please feel free to join me.

Cooking Lessons.

I did the most wonderful cookery course at Richard Corrigans Bentleys Oyster Bar (@Bentleys_London) 11-15 Swallow  Street. W1B 4D.


They do cookery courses on the first Saturday of each month. I took my daughter and my lovely friend, Diane. We were welcomed with a gorgeous breakfast and then we met the  the amazing chef and the gorgeous kitchen.


We were introduction to the seafood we would be cooking. Lobsters, crab, scallops before being handed an amazing plate of unopened oysters from all over the country. We were shown how to open them and taught where they all came from. It is the first time I have Oysters for breakfast. Is it bad for me to say the Scottish Oyster were my favourite?


The wealth of education and knowledge we were given during the morning was superb. Chefs and cooks amaze me as I was in a hot sweat after an hour. Such a tough job. absolute respect.

Once we had prepared and learnt about our food, we were treated to the most unbelievable lunch. Seafood platter, more oysters, lemon soul, hand baked bread and sorbet. I couldn’t eat for a week (OK, a day!) I would recommend the course to anyone who has any interest in seafood. I cannot cook to save my life and I left with Richards ‘Cookery School ‘ Book and an apron. Watch this space.



I know it feels so long ago, but I bought my daughter a  Crosley vinyl player from Urban Outfitters for Christmas. She was so incredibly happy and so was I. I can share my vinyl collection. Yes! I may not be as uncool as I thought.


Bit of Beauty

Still loving my Deborah Mitchel ‘Heaven Skincare’ Bee Venom mask. My skin feels so amazing at the moment.


Reek Perfume

Got a beautiful perfume called ‘Damn Rebel Bitches’ from REEK perfume. A rebellious, cruelty free scent which has been hand mixed by perfumer, Sarah McCartney from Edinburgh. Loving it


Bare Minerals

Meeting the wonderful international make up artist, SJ Froome from Bare Minerals this week. I am terrible at applying make up myself but Bare Minerals was so easy to put on, I even wore it when I had my toast for Christmas dinner.


I have recently been undergoing acupuncture to help me with my hair loss and sleep problems. Been seeing a girl called Chi Hong at 12 Harley street. My sleep improved after 2 Sessions. Fingers crossed for the hair.


More updates coming soon!

Love Gail x

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