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Meet Nicola Russell aka The Skin Geek!

February 1, 2021

Hi lovelies,

Welcome to a new day and a new blog post from me! Today I wanted to share a wonderful skin brand with you. Fellow Scottish woman and celebrity facialist, Nicola Russell also goes by the name of The Skin Geek. No doubt this is due to her innate skin knowledge and over 19 years experience transforming skin from dull to dazzling.



Here are some of my top picks from the Skin Geek range…

First up is the Hydra Gel Masks and Eye Masks by Skin Geek. With the weather turning ice cold and blasting the heating, dehydration is something a lot of people suffer with during the cooler months. That’s where these handy sheet masks come in, perfect for some lockdown winter pampering.

hydra mask

The Hydra Gel Masks are super refreshing! Infused with anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, leaving my skin feeling smooth and looking so much healthier. It comes in two separate pieces which mould your face, so unlike many sheet masks, it actually fits your face – meaning you don’t need to lie completely still while you’ve got it on, in fear of it splatting to the floor. It’s jam-packed with serum which I then use for a few days afterwards!

eye mask

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of your eye area being dry, so for a little mid-week pick me up, I use the Hydra Gel Eye Masks and they feel amazing. I love the top tip of popping these in the fridge first, simply pop them on in the morning to defuse puffiness. I’ve also never seen an eye mask that tackles your eye lids AND eye bags at the same time. They’re like little super hero eye masks.

But all that skincare is no good unless you’re working on a good base! For this Skin Geek developed a Salicylic Acid Cleansing Wash to cleanse, clarify and refresh skin. The addition of Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Liquorice Root and Green Tea Extract super charge the cleanser and give it an added exfoliating benefit. Designed with oily/congested skin in mind, this is a top pick for those suffering with Maskne at the moment.

Pic for gail 2

Onto my favourite bit (especially whilst salons are closed) home treatments…

I love the Skin Geek At Home Microneedling Roller, it’s the best addition to doing your own facial as it helps serums to penetrate the skin better. If you’ve not tried this before, don’t be put off! Rest assured that this has been created by Nicola (aka The Skin Geek) who is an expert in this field. The needles are only 0.25mm which is much shorter than those used by the professionals in the clinic. Plus it’s crafted from the highest quality titanium alloy, been through strict sterilization and you can buy a special cleansing spray to use alongside it.


To really give my skin the hydration boost it needs, I LOVE pairing the roller with Skin Geek Hydra Boost Concentrated Ampoules. Containing a skin-loving cocktail of Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Epidermal Growth Factors. This potent mix helps to hydrate, repair, regenerate, strengthen, brighten AND improve skin tone!

Pic for Gail

So there we have it, my top picks from the fabulous Skin Geek. Plus you can click this link to check out the other items in the range.


Gail x


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