My favourite skincare products for Autumn

October 20, 2021

Hello lovelies!

I am a massive of Autumn, I just love getting cosy under my blanket in the evening and spending time with my friends and family on pretty, woodland walks. However much I love the autumn season, it plays havoc with my skin!

During the cold months. I find my skin can get very dull and dehydrated. So this year I’m determined to hold on to my glow a little longer and have been on the hunt trying new skincare products to stay extra glowy and dewy!

Here are the products I’ve fallen in love with…


Lady Showbiz Clarifying Face Wash

Let’s start with cleansers, because it’s important to create a beautiful clean base to unleash your glow! I’m a huge fan of the new Clarifying Face Wash from Lady Showbiz, the result is ultra clean skin. This gentle cleanser contains a dream team of refreshing peppermint and juniper berry essentials oils that have given me healthier looking and feeling skin.

As well as taking steps to beautiful skin, you are also supporting a great cause as Lady Showbiz donates 20% of its net profits to charities that support animals and women.


For days when my skin is feeling sensitive and in need of soothing, I’ve been using award winning skincare brand Cannuka which has just launched in the UK. Their products combine CDB + Manuka Honey which are super powerful skin-loving ingredients. This gentle cleanser leaves me with a fresh face and my skin feels instantly rejuvenated.

Face Masks

GLAMGLOW BrightMud Exfoliating Treatment

I love to take the time to relax with a facemask and what better time when it’s chilly outside and I can catch up on my favourite Netflix series! I’m really enjoying using the GLAMGLOW BrightMud Exfoliating Treatment. This exfoliating mask helps to chemically and physically buff away unwanted dead skin cells with AHA and BHAs to instantly reveal brighter skin.  I could notice the difference straight away!

Serums and Oils

Beauty Kitchen Facial Oil

For when my skin needs an extra boost, I’ve been using this lightweight Beauty Kitchen Facial Oil, which contains a unique blend of marine extracts to help renew your skin and protect it from pollution. It smells like sunsets on the beach, which is an extra lovely touch when it’s dark and windy outside!

SuperCerum PURE Vitamin C Serum

You all know I love to try natural products and I’ve enjoyed using the SuperCerum PURE Vitamin C serum from Pure and Cimple. Vitamin C is amazing for helping to even skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so this is a great addition to my morning skincare routine. This serum is working wonders on my skin as I’ve received so many lovely compliments about my dewy skin recently.  


GLAMGLOW GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturiser

For me, this is a must-have item in your autumn skincare routine!To lock in my dewy glow, I use my GLOWSTARTER mega illuminating moisturiser. This lovely moisturiser contains vitamins, botanicals, hyaluronic acid, and TEAOXI™ golden root technology to instantly floods dull skin with moisture, leaving you with that all-important radiance!

Zi Cao Dan Pi Shui Gao Peony Cream

I’ve discovered a new brand called Dermatology M and have been using their Zi Cao Dan Pi Shui Gao Peony Cream. This super-soothing cream can be used on your face and body is a natural blend of active Chinese herbs and botanicals, including Aloe Vera, Peony Root Extract. 


Project Lip Mask

I struggle with dry lips in the colder months, so anything that can help me get soft, hydrated lips is a handbag must-have for me. The Project Lip’s Mask is perfect for days when my lips need some TLC. This collagen-infused hydrogel lip mask is enriched in vitamins and helps to nourish and restore your lips. 

Plus is quite funny to see if I can stay quiet for more than 15 minutes to keep the mask on!


CBD Infused Facial Scrub

Goodbye dull skin! I’ve spent a lot of time researching how to achieve healthy, hydrated skin and keep reading about the important of exfoliation. The CBD Infused Facial Scrub from EthicaCBD uses organically grown natural hemp extracts to refresh your skin. This should be your go-to for smoother-looking skin!


Flawless Photoglow SPF30+

And finally, the most important step in your skincare routine; SPF! I love the Flawless Photoglow SPF 30+ from Transformulas, it’s easy to apply and absorbs into my skin without feeling greasy. It also contains a powerhouse of super active anti-ageing ingredients to help protect against signs of ageing, anti-oxidants for essential daily skin protection. RESULT!

Hope you like these products, let me know in the comments below any lips and tricks you have for keeping your skin healthy during autumn and winter

Lots of love

Gail x

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