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July 4, 2018

Skin is so important especially as the weather turns hotter for summer. I’ve been trying lots of things lately to make my skin beach ready, here are a few of my favourites…


Proto-col is a brand that combines performance and recovery into their product. Using the latest technology in collagen and superfoods, Proto-col is paving the way for natural skin with advanced technology. One of my favourite products from the skin care range was the Facial Serum (£39.95) which includes ingredients such as collagen, royal jelly and essential oils. It’s also paraben free so perfect for sensitive skin as it doesn’t contain the preservatives. It is so lightweight and sits under makeup so well, you won’t feel that oily residue that perhaps other serums would give. A definite must for lovers of a natural brand that’s driven by technology.



3LAB is all about making skin clean of impurities for the start and end of the day. Its products are specifically designed with anti aging in mind using both beauty and science. I love the Aqua BB cream (£93) in shade #01, it perfectly matches my skin and is so moisturising, other added benefits include keeping out UV rays and atmospheric stress. The best part about 3LAB products is the fact you can buy new colour cartridges to go inside so not to waste the packaging, even better for the environment!



NeoStrata was started by a number of doctors who had in interest in skin cancer and wanted to create a brand to not only nourish your skin but also protect it from the sun. My favourite product from this range has an SPF of 50 and is the Sheer Physical Protection (£30.99). It’s similar to a BB creme and aims to blend in with you skin tone as much as possible. Put under makeup as a primer for protection and a flawless finish.


Hevl Sun Protection

Another sun protection brand is Hevl and in particular their infamous Face Creme (£19.95) with an SPF of 50. It helps to to create a barrier over the skin to shield from the sun using innovative Liposhield™ technology. I would love a bigger tube as it seems to go within a month!



I love the sun a little too much sometimes and finish a day of sunbathing looking slightly pinker than I’d started. This is where Weleda have an amazing after sun that will definitely moisturise and calm the skin. The Edelweiss After Sun Lotion (£16.95) is derived from mineral oils so you can guarantee an all round luxurious product. The best part is, it also helps to build your skins tolerance up for the sun so no more burning! (Hopefully).


Claudia Fallah

Claudia Fallah brings you luxury to your home in her super chic packaging and incredible formulas. The Ultra Pro-Tech (£55) is a protection moisturiser from environmental factors with an SPF of 50. It’s non-greasy so doesn’t leave an oily residue on top of your skin. It may be a little expensive but is definitely worth the price. The best thing about this brand is it is made in London so easily accessible if you want to get your hands on a few of her other bits.



I sometimes like a bit of a sheer colour on my lips in summer to compliment my holiday tan. Collection have a beautiful nude sheer lip in Fudge Delight (£3.99) with a creamy texture that you can apply without a mirror, perfect for on the go! They also come in so many other colours so perfect for every skin tone, and  include an SPF of 15! Wear in the sun and protect your lips from UV rays.


Beauty Kitchen

Beauty Kitchen is perfect for all you Vegans out there, made with real natural ingredients and essential oils. It’s also fragrance free so amazing for sensitive skin! People often get put off by the price of all natural  products but Beauty Kitchen have created a mixture of both affordable and planet friendly. I love the Free From Wonder Balm (£3.99), its perfect to keep your lips moisturised this summer with ingredients such as Hydronated Olive Oil and Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter.



Skincare never looked so good! Enjoy the summer and protect your skin at the same time.

Love Gail xx

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