Beauty Favourites: Norvell Tanning

July 23, 2018

Hey lovelies,

I hope you’re all enjoying this glorious weather the UK has been graced with for far too long. I’m really enjoying the sun on my skin and feeling the warmth, but I know there can sometimes be too much of a good thing. So, to reduce my time in the sun a little, I’ve been trying my hand at getting that bronze from a bottle! I love sharing products and brands that I’ve discovered, so keep reading to find out more…


I’ve been a bit scared of the whole ‘fake tan thing’ as I’ve had my fair share of mishaps and I’ve been forced to head out with a streaky, luminous orange glow. But I’ve been wanting to wear shorts, dresses and skirts and bask in the weather. A few of you may have noticed my love of Norvell Tanning in the past via social media posts; they are definitely the best in the business of bronze! For those of you not familiar with Norvell, they are the tanning brand behind all those gorgeous Strictly Come Dancing tans – you bet they’re backstage at showtime spritzing and spraying those toned legs and abs before the dancers head on stage to do their thing!


One of their leading spray tan artists, Carrie, has given me quite a few spray tans to date. I’m always left with a natural sunless colour and absolutely no orange! (I’ve realised that Norvell prefers to call their formulas ‘sunless’ as opposed to ‘fake’ tan – because there is nothing fake-looking about their bronze! If I haven’t got time to head to the salon for a Professional spray I use Norvell at-home products which I can rely on to give me a tan just as fab.

Exclusive Mockups for Branding and Packaging DesignWhen heading out for the weekend I’ll most likely grab the Ultra Vivid Rapid Sunless Mousse (left) which gets to work in just one hour so there’s no waiting around. Bonus points for it being virtually odourless so I don’t have to worry about smelling like biscuits- b0143P-17090SUNecause, that HAS to be one of the worst things about most tanning products, right?! There’s also tons of lovely ingredients like Tomato extract, Green Tea and Aloe Vera.

If I have more time my hands or I’m having a pamper session, I’ll reach for the Venetian Gradual Self-Tanner (right) with built-in CC Cream. It’s an in a creme-gel formula, so it’s a case of massaging the tan all over and waiting around eight hours for the colour to develop and deepen into a beautiful Mediterranean tan. It also has cosmetic bronzers and special ingredients to blur pigmentation and imperfections.

Et voilà, I’m ready to go armed with a natural-looking tan that hasn’t caused my skin any UV damage in the process, that even a tanning novice like me can get right! (Bonus – they’re cruelty-free, too!).

Click here to find out more about Norvell, and let me know what you guys think of their products!

Love, Gail x

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