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September 6, 2019

Hey lovelies, hope you’re all well and enjoying the summer!

We all dream of having a well-organised, tidy handbag but sometimes reality doesn’t always let that happen. We’re all guilty of having a messy, chaotic bag in which everything (including things we don’t need) is thrown in. So here is my attempt at trying to create some kind of organisation, because a tidy bag means a tidy mind… (or something like that). I have narrowed it down to a few of my favourite beauty products that I think are essentials for your bag.

Bybi – Lip Plumper & Balm



Available from Bybi.

This lip balm ACTUALLY moisturises my lips and makes them look super glossy without being overly sticky! It has a really nice minty smell. And of course, it gives my lips a plump look which I love! It’s such a handy thing to keep in my handbag.

Rosalique – 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula



Available from Rosalique.

I use this for a quick on-the-go fix to conceal any redness. It’s an essential if I’m having a bad skin day. It also has SPF in it which is a bonus because it’s something I like to use on a daily basis even in rainy London! UV rays can cause so many problems to the skin that can be prevented by easily using products that have SPF in them so this one is great.

it Cosmetics – No. 50 Serum Collagen Veil Primer


IT Cosmetics No. 50 Serum

Available from it cosmetics.

I use this before I leave the house because it’s super hydrating and preps my skin for makeup. I also like to pop it in my bag if I’m not wearing any makeup one day and I want a top up of moisture throughout the day.

La Roche-Posay – Toleriane Ultra 8


la roche posay

Available from Boots.

I love having this in my bag to spritz my face throughout the day. I can use it over makeup which is great to keep my skin hydrated. It’s perfect to keep myself cool on a hot day too. It’s also fragrance-free which is great because it doesn’t feel too harsh on my skin.

Shiseido – Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Plus SPF50



Available from Feel Unique.

This sunscreen is perfect because it is so lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin at all. It’s super hydrating and gives my skin a really healthy glow. I like to use it when I’m not wearing any makeup, but I also love to use it as a base before makeup. It’s a handy product to have in my bag so I can top up during the day.

My Little Sudocrem



Available from Boots.

This is a must-have in my handbag! We all know Sudocrem is an essential and I love this super cute pocket sized one which I can easily pop into even the smallest of handbags. It’s great for just generally making my skin healthy and in good condition. It’s the perfect quick fix to any skin problems. If you don’t have one in your bag, I highly recommend getting one!

Bybi – Babe Balm



Available from Bybi.

This really is a multipurpose balm! I love it to grab and go so that I can use it whenever I need to. It’s so moisturising and the perfect solution to dry skin. It can be used head-to-toe too which is really handy to have with me when I’m out and about. I love its fruity smell and it also has a peachy colour which I sometimes apply to my lips or cheeks, so it really is multipurpose. I hadn’t heard about the brand before but now I’m definitely a fan!

Elizabeth Arden – Eight Hour Cream


Elizabeth Arden

Available from Elizabeth Arden.

This cream is really moisturising but it’s so much more than just a moisturiser. I use it to hydrate my lips and can double it up as a hand and nail cream too. So, it really is a great on-the-go product and is so worth the money!

Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy


viva la juicy

Available from Boots.

I always like to have a perfume whenever I’m out and about to spritz throughout the day. I love the smell of this perfume! It’s one of my favourites because of its fruity vanilla scent. It’s a great handbag essential. I’m a sucker for a nice perfume bottle and this one looks so cute!

Frank Body – Original Coffee Scrub


Coffee Scrub

Available from Look Fantastic.

Maybe slightly too large (and inappropriate) for a daily handbag carry-around, but something which I’ve been loving at the moment is this exfoliating coffee scrub. It leaves my skin feeling silky, smooth and has me smelling like an orange mocha frappuccino. I also love the way it leaves me with an all-over glow!

If you have any handbag essentials that you can’t leave the house without, I would love to know! And let me know which of these you’ll be adding to your handbags.

Love Gail x

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