PUREHYDRO: the facial the NEED to know about

October 27, 2021

Hi lovelies

If you haven’t guessed from my previous blog posts I’m on a skincare mission at the moment to get my skin looking the best it’s ever been.

For me there is no better feeling than a glow-enhancing facial, I like to think of a facial as a little skincare MOT to deeply cleanse my skin. I’ve been having a skincare SOS with the cold weather causing my skin to feel dry and lacking a glow, so I was delighted to receive an invitation to the Kate Kerr London clinic to experience the new PURESKIN PureHydro super-facial.

When I heard ‘super-facial’ I was immediately intrigued, I needed to discover what makes this facial ‘super’?

PURESKIN’s PureHydro is an 8-in-1 oxygenating treatment that is totally bespoke to each person. The treatment uses state-of-the-art technology to tackle any skincare concern from fine lines and wrinkles to pigmentation or acne. Most facial treatments can only target one or two skin concerns so to be able to tackle up to eight in session is seriously impressive!

I discussed with my facialist how my skin had been feeling recently and what I wanted to achieve. Recently my skin has been feeling a little dull and congested so she started by removing debris from my pores with a painless extraction feature and a light peel to deeply cleanse and smooth my skin.

Next for me was a sophisticated ‘Fire and Ice’ feature to contract and expand pores, leaving a perfectly cleansed canvas, ready for some hydration. Then sprayed onto my skin was an infusion of vitamins, essential nutrients and botanical extracts which also helps to promote collagen growth, meaning my post-facial glow would have a long-lasting effect.

I visited the Kate Kerr London clinic located at Aqua Spa in the Sea Containers Hotel, but this facial is available across the country. Just contact the team at PURESKIN and they can let you know the clinic closest to you offering this wonderful treatment.

I left the clinic feeling like Wonder Woman! PURESKIN PureHydro is the superhero saviour that has well and truly saved my (skins) day.

You’ll now be able to find me sharing lots of selfies of my dewy skin all over Instagram!

Lots of love

Gail xx

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