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August 3, 2015

This month I paid a six day visit to Slimmeria in East Sussex. A favourite place of mine when I need a bit of an overhaul. It’s a fitness and detox retreat run by a lady named Galia Granger. I’m almost treating it as a second home when I’m lucky enough to go. I was feeling sluggish and had piled on a few pounds so it was time to get serious! Galia has a very effective but strict approach. This is not for the faint hearted. Willpower is required by the bucket load! Early to bed. Early to rise! 7.45am hot water and lemon followed by a hike (2 hours) a juice at 10am for breakfast, then fitness classes. The diet is based on raw veg, occasionally slightly steamed. 400kcals a day. You have the choice not to attend all classes – but me being me – I did them all and some! They also have an outdoor pool (unheated!) which I swam in at 7am every morning! I am Scottish after all. I did indulge in a few deep tissue massages and a steam bath, which really chilled me out. It’s a tough detox but the results are the pay off. My skin is glowing, I’ve got bundles of energy and I’m down 8 pounds. No pain. No gain. So worth it.

Slimmeria – Hye House, Battle TN33 9BX / / / 01424 830153

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