The secret to hosting the perfect party as told by PR expert & party planner extraordinaire, Alex Silver

December 6, 2021

Hi lovelies,

It’s not long before Christmas and you know what that means PARTY TIME!

I know for a lot of us hosting friends and family and organising a celebration is often a stressful time, but a dear friend of mine is a real pro when it comes to hosting the perfect party.

I’ve known Alex for many years, and she always plans such amazing events. She’s the founder and director of Alex Silver PR, this year her agency is 25 years old – their very own silver jubilee. Over the last quarter of a century, Alex has been the professional behind many an A-List celebrity party, influencer launches in exclusive clubs, huge charity gala balls, beauty editor pamper parties and fabulous experiential events such as dining events 100m in the air! When catering to the media the competition is fierce! But Alex has mastered the skill of planning a party the guests will never forget, so I’ve invited her to jump on the blog and share some of her top party planning tips ahead of the festive season.

Lots of love, Gail xx

Over to Alex…

Hello everyone, I’m super excited to share my essential tips for throwing a successful party during the festive season. I’ve been hosting events for journalists, top celebrities, and of course my loved ones for over 25 years so here’s some of my best advice…

Who’s Who?!

It may sound simple but thinking carefully about who you’re inviting to the celebrations can help curate a group that will mix well. Often there’s ample opportunity over Xmas to catch up with people so there’s always the option to see people at different occasions.

Check your Venue

I never book a venue without going in for a recce first! This helps me to visualise the layout and atmosphere, analysing whether the space is right for the event. I’ll walk through space, imaging the layout; how would the furniture be moved to match your format? This also gives you a great opportunity to meet your contact in person, you can go over menu options and ask any key questions before signing any required agreements.  

Never under cater!

All my friends and family know I love to put on a delicious spread of food – and there’s always plenty of food to go around at an Alex Silver party!

Choose whether you want to serve a selection of buffet items that your guests can nibble by hand or if you’ll be hosting a dinner party. Whichever you opt for, be sure to have a selection of choices of gluten-free, vegetarians, pescatarian and vegan dishes so all your guests are catered for!

All about the lighting…

Lighting is an essential part of event planning; it can really help create an atmosphere and highlight beautiful parts of your venue or décor. For an elegant dinner party at home, I would create a beautiful candle display along the length of the table that keeps the attention focused on the table and the meal. Plus, your guests will appreciate the soft glow that will make them look fabulous!

Let the music play…

Music can set the mood of the party. Create a playlist of songs that match the mood and theme of the event. Whether it’s a relaxed family event, summer BBQ or a birthday celebration, pick songs that blend with the occasion.

I recommend creating a playlist of fifty songs to allow for a couple of hours playtime.


I love to welcome my guest to an event with a glass of fizz, this always goes down a treat! Some of your guests might not like bubbles, so be sure to have a selection or red and white wines, or non-alcoholic options.

Another great option is create a custom cocktail. At my events we’ll theme this around the brand and whichever product they are launching. For you it might be a play on the festive season, linking with a favourite place or even a particular era. Why not try a Christmas cocktail with Baileys or serve winter Pimms!?

It’s all about the dress

Don’t forget to let your guests know the dress code. No-one will have a good night if they feel out of place for the setting. Going super-luxe? Detail this on the invite. Casual Sunday Dinner – let people know they can come in their fave cosy outfit.

Most importantly enjoy the event! Nobody likes a stressed host, your guests have come to see you so relax, laugh and enjoy the moment.

I hope you find these tips useful!

Best wishes

Alex Silver xx

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